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Updated:September 7, 2020
Category : Music
OS Version: Android 4.1+
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Tiles Hop: Forever Dancing Ball — exciting music rhythm-a game in which gamers will have to guide the ball while jumping from one tile to another. It is not only extremely addictive mechanics, but also an excellent visual design. Which makes the journey to the infinite ahead a very impressive process. Changing scenery and color palette will help the eyes “nezamylitsya” and always be in good shape. Regardless of the length of the track. They can also be downloaded from your own library. What makes the game as replayable for all fans of the genre.

This time we have to control the jumps of a small ball that jumps on colored tiles. As you know, you need to make decisions very quickly and not let the ball fall into the abyss, adjusting to the musical rhythm. The ball jumping by yourself, but you only need to point him in the right direction of the movement using swipe or tilt the device.

The levels are endless, but you will have a check mark, the duration of which depends on the distance traveled. You have to move forward and avoid mistakes until the music is played. Once it is over you can get the coveted points and continue the hard way. Over time, the complexity of the arcade will begin to increase, this is due to both the speed of the ball and the tiles, which can change their size and rearrange between the tracks, confusing players.

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