Necromancer Story

Necromancer Story

Uploaded: January 2, 2019
Updated:August 8, 2019
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Category : Games
OS Version: Android 2.3.3+
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Necromancer Story — two-dimensional RPG. For those who are the most important gameplay, and design and appearance is of secondary importance. Necromancer Story is a hack and slash RPG in which you will play the role of a necromancer. After losing his memory he got a new home, new friends and a new meaning of life. Together with the Royal guardians, the Necromancer will defend the land from attacks by orcs, zombies, and skeletons, using his precious talents to defend and attack. You can resurrect dead enemies, cast enchantments on your weapons, hit enemies with sword and spells. In this role-playing game a lot of interesting features and capabilities, complex combat system (though simple control) that more than cover the lack of modern graphics.

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