Ocean Nomad Pro: Survival on Raft

Ocean Nomad Pro: Survival on Raft

Uploaded: December 4, 2018
Updated:June 22, 2019
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Category : Games
OS Version: Depends on the device
Download APK v1.59

Ocean Nomad Pro: Survival on Raft — hardcore survival simulator for Android, filled with lots of action, content with detailed 3D graphics and great game mechanics. Your task is simple as ever – to survive, but in the post-apocalyptic game world, and on your way there will be countless dangers that want to kill you!

Explore the wild island and the ocean around it, build a boat and your own home, protect them, fish and hunt sinister sharks. Naturally, with your bare hands you will achieve nothing, so use the natural resources around you to create weapons and tools. For you more than 100 options of creation of various subjects are prepared. Already now you have the opportunity to download on Android Ocean Nomad Pro: Survival on Raft and try yourself in a variety of extreme situations, be on the alert and do not let the wild defeat you!

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