ABC Runner

ABC Runner

Category : Puzzle
OS Version: Android 4.4+

ABC Runner – this is a unique arcade game that combines puzzle elements. Here you will participate in races where not only the speed of movement is important, but also thinking, as you will have to quickly remember words and write them on the boards. Thanks to this, you can not only spend time with interest, but also with benefit!

The races themselves are held on a straight track, divided into five separate lanes, for each individual participant. All players start at the same time, and stop at the first board, where you need to write the hidden word, after which the passage will open. Thus, you need to go through several boards to get to the finish line. Usually, before the start of the race, a letter is randomly selected, which will start all the words on the boards.

You can use different words, the main thing is to start with the specified letter, and follow the conditions where you are usually asked to write the name of any city, fruit, animal, object, and so on. As you play, you will open skins of various types, which will help create a unique appearance for your character. It is worth noting that this game is also well suited for the practice of English language!

Features of the game:

  • Colorful and simple graphics;
  • A unique combination of puzzle and runner;
  • Exciting races with real players;
  • Several types of fun skins.
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