Bridge Construction Simulator

Bridge Construction Simulator

Uploaded: September 12, 2017
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Category : Puzzle
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For the most part, the genre of building simulators, in the framework of mobile platforms, is represented mostly by farms or games with a clear hint of arcade. However, the popular series of building bridges is well known to all, with an emphasis on physics and realism. The creators of the new bridge construction simulator called Bridge Construction Simulator, and this is the notorious Aidem Media studio, went even further and presented the players with a really complex and realistic simulator.
And so, your task from the available parts and materials to build a bridge that can withstand weight of the passing car. At the initial levels, everything is pretty simple, but as you go through the complexity of the designs will have to increase. In the game there are two modes, arcade, more simplistic and realistic which will require you to be slow and thoughtful.

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