Diamond Quest 2: The Lost Temple

Diamond Quest 2: The Lost Temple

Category : Puzzle
OS Version: Android 4.1+
Download APK v1.11

Diamond Quest 2: The Lost Temple – this is an incredibly addictive puzzle game where you have to play as a fearless Explorer of ancient civilizations. Go deep into the jungle, where you will find a temple called Angkor Wat, find an ancient castle in Germany, and explore the ice caves of the Tibetan mountains. Solve puzzles, defeat powerful bosses, avoid traps, and of course, find ancient treasures!

At each level, you need to find a certain number of gems and precious stones, as only with them you can open the doors and go to the next level. Move huge boulders, dump them on your opponents to flatten them, or use them as a stand for yourself, just be careful not to block your exit with them. Find various auxiliary items with which you can destroy walls, freeze opponents and cling to different ledges with a hook. The main thing is to always be on the lookout, as there are treacherous traps hidden at every step.

From time to time, there will be checkpoints on your way to save, where you can return at any time of passing or after an unsuccessful attempt. In the game, you can also learn a small part of the story about the places you will visit and explore a variety of locations created in a nice colorful style.

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