Facepalm Quest

Facepalm Quest

Category : Puzzle
OS Version: Android 4.2+

Facepalm Quest – this is an unusual puzzle, with absurd and funny solutions to problems. Unlike standard games of this genre, here the decision does not always make logical sense, and to answer correctly, you need to start thinking quite differently. If you like this kind of humor and always like to find an original approach, then this project is perfect for you!

Each level is a specific scene where the condition is not immediately explained. You need to find the meaning hidden there by clicking on various interactive items. Often the task is quite simple, but you need to find a place to click. For example, to help a biker pump up a motorcycle wheel, you just need to tap the wheel a few times. But the result will surprise you, the tire will magically come to life and go on the bike itself. There are a lot of such levels here, and each time you are waiting for amazing things!

In total, there are several dozen levels. The exterior design looks like the character of the game, all the characters are quirky, and the scenery is quite strange. If you have any difficulties with the passage, you can always use the tips. In General, the puzzle is perfect if you want something fun and unusual!

Puzzle features:

  • There is a lot of absurd humor;
  • Colorful and unusual drawing;
  • Lots of interactive items;
  • Several dozen different levels.
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