Laser Quest

Laser Quest

Updated:October 29, 2020
Category : Puzzle
OS Version: Android 4.4+

Laser Quest – minimalistic puzzle, rotate various elements to highlight the sacred stones. Although this game is visually similar to Monument Valley, but in fact it is completely different in gameplay. Your task: turn the mirrors in the right direction to direct the light to the goal and thus you will pass the level. Tap on the laser installations and reflectors to change their position. Some objects are hidden from view, so you can rotate the scene in any direction to see them. Complete tasks while traveling through a variety of unique worlds, each of which is completely unique. In total, the Android game Laser Quest from Infinity Games contains at least a hundred levels in the story mode, and you can also pass daily tests. The main difference is that the story levels have time to think, while the challenges are more complex, so you can easily lose. Laser Quest is a simple gameplay mechanic that is easy to master, multiple worlds, each with a different design, music, crystals and laser beams. Try to solve the first levels, you will be drawn out by the gameplay and want to complete the puzzle to the very end.

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