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Category : Puzzle
OS Version: Android 2.3+
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Lost Legacy: Demo – solve complex 3D physics puzzles and find hidden objects to solve the mystery of an ancient manor. The background of the story here is as follows: your close relative sent an invitation to his estate, with a request to come as soon as possible. You immediately set off on the evening Express, but when you arrived, you didn’t find your uncle. He suddenly disappeared and no one saw anything. You will have to start exploring the many rooms of a huge house to solve the mystery of the missing person. The game has full-fledged 3D graphics, close to the real world, it allows you not only to see the object from one side, but you can also look around them.

The camera is free to move around the castle, finding keys that are an exact fit for some sort of hidden passages. First, find an ultraviolet flashlight, because the lines and labels with hints are not visible to the naked eye. Investigate and follow the tracks and clues left behind to discover the mystery and reason for his sudden disappearance, but this requires care, intelligence and a detective mindset. Lost Legacy features high-quality graphics and visual effects, different ways to interact with objects, realistic environments, intuitive touch-screen controls, and a simple guide that will quickly teach you the gameplay.

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