Marble Dash-Bubble Shooter

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Category : Puzzle
OS Version: Android 4.1+
Download APK v1.1.628

Marble Dash-Bubble Shooter – a casual game like Zuma, where you need to shoot balls for more than 400 levels. You will have a kind of gun from which you need to shoot a chain of balls that slowly roll forward. Stop their progress before they reach the end point of the path, and to do this, shoot at groups of balls of the same color as your projectile. The larger the combo chain, the better the bonus you get on the next shot, as well as random bonuses such as time stop, reverse, and so on. The game Marble Dash is an updated, classic zoom game, but there are many innovations and improvements that make the gameplay even more exciting.

For example, you can spend points and buy super hits that break whole rows of balls, or there is a function to replace balls when your gun is reloaded with other colors. There was also a pause to take the time to think about the next step, knocking out a powerful combo. Unlock secret levels that will give you more points to upgrade your punches and buy unique features. Mobile game Marble Dash has addictive gameplay, from which you will not be able to tear yourself away for hours, passing more and more difficult levels with different design scenes: jungle, Sunny beach, desert, fantastic Paradise and more.

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