Pokemon Cafe Mix

Pokemon Cafe Mix

Updated:July 15, 2020
Category : Puzzle
OS Version: Android 6.0+
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Pokemon Cafe Mix – please sit down! Open and develop your own diner in Pokémon Café Mix, a shareware puzzle game that can be downloaded to mobile devices.

In this game for portable mode, you have to take orders from your pokemon guests and prepare delicious treats by solving really interesting puzzles!


Pokémon come to your Pokémon Cafe to eat, and you and your competent employees should fulfill their orders properly! Each order takes the form of a puzzle in which you need to create certain “gimmicks” on the screen to prepare a dish.

Dissolve lump sugar, slice tomatoes and whisk cream for the next culinary masterpiece, combining icons on the touch screen in a row, and then in pieces. Making icons and dragging things to the right place is like stirring soup in a pot — so solving a puzzle feels like cooking!

You need to solve the puzzle in the specified number of moves, so be sure to use special pokemon talents or consumable items to complete the order. If you fail to solve the puzzle, you will lose one of your hearts — if all five hearts are lost, you will no longer be able to accept orders.


Immediately after opening the cafe, Evie will be your only employee who will help you take orders and prepare delicious food. Complete orders and collect stars — they will fill the scale of friendship with your regular customers.

When the friendship scale is filled, they will offer you their services and get a job with you! Each pokemon has its own talent, they are also masterful at cooking certain dishes, so it is worth hiring different employees as the business expands.


For completed orders, you will receive Golden acorns (Golden Acorns) — a currency that can be used to pay for cafe improvements, consumable items, and additional moves if the allotted amount is not enough to solve the puzzle.

Thanks to your success, new ingredients will be unlocked in the cafe, new dishes and drinks will appear for your hungry guests. New dishes will attract new visitors-pokemon, that is, your potential employees.


Establish contacts with other cafe owners, watch their success and find out which employees they like by adding them to your friends list.

As you expand your business, get news about your success, as well as information about upcoming events, through your cafe’s Inbox. Some dear guests may even send you gifts! In addition, each month you will receive six new pokemon for free, so regularly check who got a job with you.

For the application to work correctly, set the system language to English, otherwise the game will crash when it starts! After the first launch of the game, a window with buttons without inscriptions may appear. Select the top left item (this is the English language of the game interface), then click on the bottom button.

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