Sort Stack

Sort Stack

Category : Puzzle
OS Version: Android 5.0+

Sort Stack – this is a simple and soothing puzzle game that will help you spend time with interest and benefit. If you like to occupy yourself with games that do not take much time, but are quite exciting, this game is perfect for you. Here you will be able to solve simple problems and to pass level after level, accompanied by the monotonous music!

In the game, you will see several columns with colored rings on the screen. All of them are scattered randomly, you need to pack them by color and collect them so that each column has rings of only one color. The task is complicated by the fact that you can only move them one piece at a time, thereby blocking access to those located below, which requires a good plan for each move. To simplify the task, there are special free spaces where you can move colors that are not needed at the moment.

With each level, the difficulty only increases, the number of columns increases and the free space becomes less. The graphics are quite high-quality and bright, with beautiful backgrounds, which perfectly conveys the mood of this game. Here you will find more than 2000 levels, and the developers plan to release new ones for a long time!

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