Spy Tactics

Spy Tactics

Uploaded: August 10, 2019
Updated:August 16, 2019
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Category : Puzzle
OS Version: Android 5.0+
Download APK v1.19

Spy Tactics — a great combination of turn-based strategy and logic game for Android devices with many complex missions. You have to try yourself in the role of an agent for whom prepared many complex missions. Some tasks will be a real challenge and test your skills to think strategically, as well as ingenuity, care and cunning.

Get the job, think about the strategy for its implementation, and then move the character on the grid, thinking through each step in advance and look for the easiest way to complete the mission. You have to produce classified data, destroy certain objects, steal important information and even kill enemies. Are you ready to perform such complex tasks and earn an excellent reputation?

Think over each step in advance, enemies are armed and dangerous, one wrong move and you are doomed. Try to be as fast, accurate and invisible! You will find an entertaining gameplay, exciting and challenging tasks, simple operation, as well as a unique visual design with magnificent panoramic locations. Try yourself in the role of a successful agent as well as expertly perform important and difficult mission!

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