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Category : Puzzle
OS Version: Android 4.1+
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Stilstand – this is a colorful and slightly absurd interactive novel with well-designed characters and a story. You will meet a girl whose life is filled with loneliness and anxiety. For some unknown reason, she constantly wants to protect herself from the environment, to isolate herself. But at the same time, she has hope that life will get better soon. Immerse yourself in a lot of stories, such multi-faceted, sometimes dark, sad and at the same time fun, that occur in her life.

The game is filled with different scenes, sometimes absurd, and each has its own unique scenario. During the narratives, you will meet many different characters who make any contribution to the life of the main character. It is up to you and your choice depends on what happens next, direct the plot in the right direction. Also, you can interact with the environment and various items that are related to the story, and not only.

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