Uploaded: July 11, 2019
Updated:October 6, 2019
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Category : Puzzle
OS Version: Android 4.4+
Download APK v1.0.9

Strongblade — embark on an adventure in the genre of “3 in a row” to save the main character’s friends and arrange a camp for him. Life in the mouse village goes on, but one mouse it seems too boring and measured. Our hero craves adventure and a chance to prove that he is different from other villagers. One day, he finds a way to leave his native land and goes on an exciting journey. This is a colorful puzzle three in a row with hundreds of exciting levels, which is built according to the classical scheme. You rearrange the positions of the elements in places to form a group of the same color and shape in the amount of three or more. Complete the mission at each level to get the stars, thanks to them you will build a camp. Ahead of waiting for complex tests, battle against dangerous villains, rescue friends from which you will create a squad of heroes and more. Strongblade is a typical 3 in a row, but still the game is created qualitatively, there is a fantastic world, a wide variety of levels, some unique mechanics in the gameplay, nice locations and animations.

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