Sudoku Finger Paint 2

Sudoku Finger Paint 2 APK

App Name: Sudoku Finger Paint 2
Genre: Puzzle
OS Version: Android 4.1+
Get it On: Google Play

Sudoku Finger Paint 2 — an unusual puzzle game by the rules of “Sudoku” with bright, colorful graphics. Once in front of the playing field, which is divided into many square cells, you will see colorful blots filling it. The field will have rows and columns as well as blocks. Each row, column or block must include 9 unique colors. To select a BLOB (bucket of paint) you just need to click on it. After that, select an empty cell in a row, column, or block where the color is missing.

The meaning of this puzzle is to fill all the empty cells on the level. At first it may seem that this is a simple task, but in reality it will be a little different. The complexity of the game depends on the number of colors and the size of the playing field. Sometimes it takes up to ten minutes of real time to complete a puzzle. The level will be passed only after filling in all the free cells. This can be done only in a certain order, which will find the players.

The game boasts several game modes, and they differ in complexity, as well as the ability to regulate it. Changes the number of installed elements, the time to complete the level, as well as the colors used. In the settings you can enable the display of figures that will be superimposed over the BLOB. It looks interesting and allows you to diversify the game a little.

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