Tiny Robots Recharged

Tiny Robots Recharged

Updated:November 16, 2020
Category : Puzzle
OS Version: Android 6.0+
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Tiny Robots Recharged – rescue the main character’s kidnapped friends in this three-dimensional escape puzzle game. It so happened that an evil genius kidnapped three of your friends who were in the Park, near his top-secret laboratory. No one knows what terrible experiments he puts on them and only in your power, to release the companions in misfortune, one by one. There are at least 40 levels that will definitely make you think about the solution. Rotate the location to see it from different angles, open boxes, and find and collect items, including charging batteries. You will have to figure out what to connect to launch all sorts of mechanisms and devices, the only way you will go to the next location.

Think with your head and follow the sequence of actions, because the robot must first be repaired, and then charged, and not Vice versa. Even the most seemingly useless actions are important to roll back the villain’s experiment and free the prisoner, saving his life from danger and terrible experiments. Connect wires, match gears, push buttons and do dozens more manipulations and you will definitely save your friend. Tiny Robots Recharged is an escape adventure game with impressive graphics, visual effects and a soundtrack that immerses you in the atmosphere of what is happening.

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