Trinagon 3D

Trinagon 3D

Category : Puzzle
OS Version: Android 7.0+

Trinagon 3D — easy to learn 3D puzzle for Android devices. This puzzle will allow you not only to pass the free time, where and when you want, but also will help in a fascinating way to pump logical abilities, intelligence, ingenuity and teach to think outside the box. This game boasts exciting challenges, clear game mechanics Rubik’s Cube, simple controls, lots of levels and comfortable learning process.

The first 30 levels will be quite simple and will help you in record time to get used to the game. But be prepared for the ever increasing difficulty of the challenges, will you be able to find solutions for all 400 levels? Some tests will be a real challenge for you, the passage can take from a couple of minutes to several hours, days. But do not despair, think through the steps in advance, take your time, think outside the box and the victory will not take long.

How to install Trinagon 3D

This application has a new build format, so you need to install it through SAI (Split APKs Installer). Detailed installation instructions are in the application.

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story teller
story teller

Thanks for this one !!
One of the more intricate and beutiful puzzle games i’ve seen in a long time. Finally not another remake, but an original.
I love the clean uncluttered graphics and the many options to change gameplay. This is a great game to focus in peace. Love it. I guess i’ll have to buy the game, to get rid of the bugs i found in the next update ?