Vive le Roi 3

Vive le Roi 3

Category : Puzzle
OS Version: Android 4.4+

Vive le Roi 3 – a continuation of the logic game in which you make a choice to find a way out and save the king of France. The game offers an impressive number of levels, and there are at least a thousand of them, and each of them is a unique puzzle that needs to be solved. To do this, choose the right path, it will be marked with letters, so go through all the floors with various traps, getting to the king himself to save his life from execution. Inspired by the concept of mazes, the originality of the android game Vive Le Roi 3 is that you can change the state of the active elements of the levels according to your choice.

The stages of this puzzle platformer include many individual obstacles, such as doors, spikes, monsters, guards, and more. The design of the game is made in dark colors, but you can find bright switches that allow you to change the obstacle to clear your way. It is also advisable to collect the crowns, which are usually located at the end of the level, try to collect each of them to open dozens of cards with the rulers of France.

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