Woody Battle Block Puzzle Dual PvP

Woody Battle Block Puzzle Dual PvP

Category : Puzzle
OS Version: Android 4.4+

Woody Battle Block Puzzle Dual PvP – this is an online puzzle game in which you compete 1 on 1 with players, filling the rows with figures from blocks. The gameplay is based on the legendary Tetris, but instead of the mechanics of falling blocks, you will place pieces on a game board of three squares. Just position the elements so that they fill the row in a horizontal or vertical direction. The main goal is to score more points than your opponent. Act as quickly as possible, trying to score maximum points, but be careful, if there is no free space, then you will lose.

Both players get the same pieces, and the victory goes to the one who can outwit his opponent during a three-minute match. The developers of Woody Battle Puzzle promise honest gameplay with random blocks, so you can safely play. Among other features: the ability to see in real time the progress of the opponent, a replay system to analyze the matches played, fight for the leading places in the ranking and a single practice mode with endless gameplay.

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