Fast Driver 3D

Fast Driver 3D

Category : Racing
OS Version: Android 4.4+

Fast Driver 3D – this is a racing game from Rollic Games, made in a minimalistic style. Accelerate your car to unprecedented speeds, conquer different tracks and become a legendary racer! Get behind the wheel of the car, press the gas pedal and start a dizzying race. Your main task is to get to the end of the track unharmed, earning as much money as possible. On the way, you will find many dangerous obstacles – oncoming cars, blocked roads and sharp turns, do not let them knock you off the path. To complete each route, you are given only three lives, so watch the road carefully and avoid all obstacles in time.

Collect valuable coins along the way that you can spend on buying new cars, retro cars, and legendary sports cars. Spin the wheel of fortune to get the opportunity to win additional prizes in the form of rare cars or coins. Here you will find hundreds of exciting levels, a variety of tracks and new locations.

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