RACE – Rocket Arena Car Extreme

RACE – Rocket Arena Car Extreme

Updated:February 22, 2021
Category : Racing
OS Version: Android 4.4+

RACE – Rocket Arena Car Extreme – this is a hot cocktail of races for survival and battle in the Derby arena. You will get behind the wheel of a car to take part in deadly races at high speed. RAM your enemies in an attempt to inflict serious damage, as well as drop them on traps in the form of fire, chainsaws, hammers and everything else. Along the way, there are bonuses of weapons and means of protection, for example, launch a homing missile at your opponent, shoot a machine gun, activate an energy shield, and much more. After saving up money, open the garage to customize your car and pump it to the maximum, because the higher the level of the car, the more worthy the characteristics. Also buy new monsters on wheels, each model is unique, it will easily pass on the road and cause significant damage to other participants of races.

Control of the car is extremely simple, but in this case the player is given a choice of three different configurations to choose the most convenient. Arenas in RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme have different themes, so fight on the site of the ruins of the ancient civilization of Egypt, the tropical coast with steep cliffs and other incredible locations. Even in these races with action gameplay, there will be no restrictions that hinder the development of the player, but there are excellent graphics and effects, as well as several game modes, including story passage and battle Royale.

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