Top Drift – Online Car Racing Simulator

Top Drift – Online Car Racing Simulator

Category : Racing
OS Version: Android 4.4+

Top Drift – Online Car Racing Simulator – multi-player racing with drift, where you and three other competitors fight for the first place in the race. Try to make a perfect start, this gives you an advantage over your opponents, and then drift around the corners, because this makes up for the nitro acceleration and it will be easier to gain high speed. It uses simple controls, you just need to click on one of the halves of the screen, depending on the direction indicator. The main thing is to react in time, otherwise you can fly off the track and the opponents will quickly overtake you.

Win one race after another to unlock new cars or tune existing ones. So, install cool wheels, paint your car and carry out other modifications of the equipment. Try driving legendary sports cars from anywhere in the world and experience intense drift challenges that will take your drift skills to the next level. Become a speed legend in the mobile game Top Drift, sending the car into a controlled skid on the most exciting tracks in the world and defeat other players in PvP competitions.

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