AUSTALE bad time

AUSTALE bad time

Category : Role Playing
OS Version: Android 4.4+
Download APK v0.4336

AUSTALE bad time – an unusual role-playing game from SnightCoder, in which you have to fight with skeletons. Take part in epic battles with different characters and earn extra points and gold. Keep track of your performance and try not to let yourself be attacked. The game’s combat system is turn – based. During the opponent’s turn, your player’s soul will be represented as a heart. You need to try to avoid its attacks in the form of insidious traps. During your turn, you will have the opportunity to attack the enemy in response, perform actions that can change their mood or show mercy. For winning a battle, you will be awarded experience points and gold.

In addition to the dynamic of fighting step by step, you will be pleased with witty and humorous dialogues between characters. The developers are also working on new characters that will appear in future updates. Earn experience points and gold, upgrade your character, improve his skills and enjoy the process!

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