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Category : Role Playing
OS Version: Android 5.0+

Eudemons M – multiplayer RPG with an open world, Grand battles, pvp duels 1 on 1 and other features. Co-op mode allows you to get together in groups and fight together, or arrange matches in the tournament of legions. Defend your territories by teaming up with Alliance members and fighting shoulder to shoulder. The game is not devoid of a romantic touch, nothing prevents you from playing a chic wedding, expanding your influence, taking a suitable passion from an influential family as a wife. First, choose the class that you will play, so you are offered 5 powerful directions, this is a vampire, necromancer, berserk, mage and paladin. Each of them has its own branch of development, special skills and talents applicable in battle.

Fight both regular players in real time and computer monsters, pumping skills and raising the level. Inside the game Eudemons M developed trading system, you can always sell the found drop to another player or buy your favorite weapons and armor. There are two ways to earn money in the game, the first is to go to the farm of monsters, knocking things out of them and selling them to players. Otherwise, become a reseller by finding cheap items and selling them at a high price. Both of these features will make you richer, and give you the opportunity to dress up in cooler armor and buy killer fluffs. Become the undisputed authority of this fantasy world and you will be called into groups for especially powerful bosses, as a strong player.

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