Idle Eternal Soul – Auto, Clicker, AFK, RPG

Idle Eternal Soul – Auto, Clicker, AFK, RPG

Updated:April 8, 2021
Category : Role Playing
OS Version: Android 5.0+

Idle Eternal Soul – Auto, Clicker, AFK, RPG – a role-playing project with side-scroller movements, automation and the clicker principle. As well as a very high-quality entourage of dark fantasy. What is responsible for an excellent graphic style. Players can only make up squads of available volunteers, distribute the captured loot, upgrade their skills and determine the next goal. The wards themselves will decide what to do in the most dangerous dungeons and which enemy to destroy first. The dynamics and the simultaneous absence of stressful situations will please everyone who does not want to miss something in the maelstrom of events.

An incremental role-playing game where your heroes destroy crowds of creepy monsters while going through dungeons. Characters independently fight with demons, skeletons and other enemies, and you must pump their level and collect unique weapons. It’s up to you to decide what each squad member will look like and how strong they will become. Go through the most difficult locations that give a lot of drop and destroy the most dangerous monsters, including boss fights. Even when you are not in the game, the characters continue to farm without stopping for a minute, so when you go to the Android game again, you will be pleasantly surprised. When you get tired of fighting with hordes of zombies and other creatures in the dungeons, go to PvP online mode to test the strength of your squad in team battles and find out the weaknesses that need to be improved to make an invincible team and climb the rating table to the top of the battle list. Of course, playing Idle Eternal Soul you will find endless caves and dungeons, where you will have to overcome more and more dangerous enemies. In this game, a dark fantasy world, simple idle gameplay that anyone can understand, collecting items, PvP battles with players and numerous opportunities for the development of heroes.

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