Kaion Tale – MMORPG

Kaion Tale – MMORPG

Updated:February 18, 2021
Category : Role Playing
OS Version: Android 4.3+

Kaion Tale – MMORPG – 2D MMORPG in which as a hero you will explore a huge universe full of dangers. Become one of the fearless heroes to protect the world of the living from the impending evil. One of the most interesting features of Kaion Tale is how this game managed to simplify the game mechanics, as well as the progress system, without losing the gamer’s involvement in what is happening on the screen. At the beginning of the game, we can choose one of six classes, each with its own characteristics. As in the classic “World Of Warcraft”, depending on the class we choose, unique missions will be assigned. Control in Kaion Tale is quite simple, we can control the movement of our main character using the joystick located on the left side of the interface, and the buttons located on the right side of the screen will be used to attack or activate the character’s abilities. Enter the magical fantasy world of Kaion Tale, choose your side in this great confrontation, freely explore vast expanses full of magic and secrets to reveal them all, and meet new friends on your journey!

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