Miracle Pororo

Miracle Pororo

Category : Role Playing
OS Version: Android 4.1+
Download APK v1.0.6

Miracle Pororo — idle RPG from developer GRAVITY Co., based on the popular Korean animated series. As with most idle games, you’ll spend the bulk of your time micromanaging and enhancing the characters ‘ abilities. Gather a fighting squad to save the heroes who are in captivity of the forces of evil. Your wards fight automatically, watch the progress of the battle from the screen of your mobile device and help to win victories as needed. Find new items that not only change the appearance of the characters, but also add new skills. With the help of special stones you will improve items of equipment, as well as enlist the support of spirits who will join your fight. Make the team more and more powerful, the only way you will defeat the powerful bosses. Miracle Pororo is a battle with the penguin Pororo and his friends, raids on bosses with players around the world, as well as huge opportunities for development and pumping.

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