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Category : Role Playing
OS Version: Android 4.4+ (Official) – this is a multiplayer role-playing game in survival mode. Here you will have to get used to the vast and wild lands, having almost nothing with you. Get the necessary materials, resources, provisions, create various items and fight against opponents!

The game starts with you appearing in a random place in the middle of a huge map. You have a small equipment in the form of an axe, food and the most necessary items. Immediately go to get wood, food, and material for the construction of the shelter. Also, create different types of weapons for yourself, equip the hero with armor and equipment. During the journey, you can meet a lot of opponents in the form of monsters, wild animals and even other players.

Over time, build a huge camp for yourself, where you can hide from enemies and store your belongings. Become a powerful warrior, explore vast lands, find new friends and chat with them. Customize the appearance of the hero with a variety of hats and accessories. Thanks to the cartoon graphics and pleasant voice acting, a unique atmosphere is created that you will want to dive into again and again!

Features of the game:

  • An open world of huge dimensions;
  • Colorful cartoon graphics;
  • Ability to create various items and build a camp;
  • Various character customization options;
  • large-scale multiplayer mode.
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