Moonshades: a dungeon crawler RPG

Moonshades: a dungeon crawler RPG

Updated:April 6, 2020
Category : Role Playing
OS Version: Android 4.4+
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Moonshades: a dungeon crawler RPG — first-person RPG made in the spirit of old school role-playing games, where the player acts as an adventurer. Go to the land of Graydown, in this place were opened the gates to the underworld and you have to explore dangerous dungeons to prevent the release of the demonic plague and save humanity. Each of the heroes is endowed with a powerful force, skillfully using which you will defeat even the strongest enemy. The gameplay of Moodshades is made in the traditional style for this genre, so the hero continuously moves around the location, meets monsters and fights with them, finds treasures, etc.

However, the game is not deprived of techniques from modern games, for example, enemies make moves and cause damage in real time. As usual, killing hostile creatures, you earn experience, which allows you to increase your level, for this points are given, which can be used to acquire new abilities. An interesting point of the game is that all the characters begin their development with equal conditions and already in the course of the game you can give them certain specialized skills. In the dry residue Moonshades is a cool RPG that will appeal to both oldfagam and fans of new and modern games.

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