One Hour One Life for Mobile

One Hour One Life for Mobile

Uploaded: August 27, 2018
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One Hour One Life for Mobile – This is an adaptation of Jason Rohrer’s computer game for devices based on the Android operating system. Those who are familiar with the original version, learn and cute, unique drawing Jason, and sound, and a unique idea.

In this world you find yourself either a child of another player, or a girl, if you did not find a mother. One minute in reality corresponds to the year in the game, and your character can live up to 60 years. We are not eternal, but what we have time to create, is inherited by children and grandchildren. Try to make life easier for those who will come to this world after you, and then your family will prosper.

You may find yourself in the wilderness all alone. You will have to produce fire, so as not to freeze, and put snares on rabbits: meat will satisfy you, and from their skins can sew clothes. Your faithful companion at the beginning of the game — the usual sharp stone. Try to find a suitable place to settle and accumulate food supplies — soon you can join other players in the role of your children. They will need to be looked after until they grow up and begin to help you.

You can be born in a thriving city full of farmers, cooks, blacksmiths, shepherds and hunters. You will have to wait for clothes and equipment prepared by other players: perhaps your grandparents or even more distant relatives. Maybe you will find friends and decide to establish your own settlement. Or maybe you will inherit the farm of his uncle, or will hunt bears and wolves. There are countless options, but remember: if you have not made the world a little better in life, consider that you have lost.

In each next life you have to interact with new players. Someone will be more skilled than you, and someone isn’t present. Someone will teach you new things, and someone will learn from you. Perhaps someone will even want to destroy the civilization that you are building, and then you have to deal with them. For a brief moment, until a new generation is replaced, the face of the world will depend only on you and those who play with you.

When your game life is over, you can see your family tree and find out how your descendants are doing. Rejoice for the younger members of the family who have managed to reach maturity. After all, every generation of your family to some extent obliged to you: it was you who laid the Foundation of their prosperity.

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