Pixel Blade Arena : Idle action Dungeon RPG

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Updated:September 8, 2020
Category : Role Playing
OS Version: Android 4.3+
Download APK v1.5.8

Pixel Blade Arena : Idle action Dungeon RPG – a fantasy role-playing game from PixelStar Games Studio, conquer dungeons and collect loot for your hero. The main battles with monsters will happen automatically, but you can include skills that will help you fight them. Your goal: collect enough items and pump the hero to the maximum to overcome the most difficult opponents. In order for your character to successfully cope with the task set for him, you will have to get a variety of equipment for him and improve his abilities. In Pixel Blade Arena, you and your hero will move through various levels, which are teeming with a huge number of all sorts of monsters and other creatures. Of course, they are dangerous and will be able to cause significant harm to the health of the main character. Defend yourself properly and repel all attacks of opponents to free the territory from the undead, then you will get a certain number of valuable rewards. Also remember that as you progress through the levels, your opponents will become stronger and their number will increase. Plunge into the world of Pixel Blade Arena and you will be fascinated by this RPG game! Engage in the development of your main character and victory over the forces of evil will not take long to wait!

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Download Pixel Blade Arena : Idle action Dungeon RPG APK