Uploaded: November 15, 2018
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Category : Adventure
OS Version: Android 4.0+
Download APK v1.134.5

Scanner – excellent MMORPG for Android devices from the creators of the legendary game Pokemon GO. European scientists have discovered unknown early energy. Its origin could not be found out, but it definitely affects thinking and brain. If you do not control the energy, it will begin to dominate people. You have the opportunity to download for free on Android Scanner [REDACTED] and choose which side you will be in the detachment of the enlightened – strive to take everything that energy will bring, and in the resistance – struggling with the previously unknown phenomenon.

Picking up your Android smartphone, you can move around the real world and thanks to Scanner [REDACTED] find and use energy sources! Teaming up with other players will help you find energy faster and more successfully, as well as use technology to capture new territories. It is important to track the progress of players from around the world, plan your next steps and interact with allies. Find clues and special secret codes, as well as unite in alliances for a more successful investigation!

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