Shining Force Classics

Shining Force Classics

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Shining Force Classics — cult series of role-playing games. Three of the best role-playing games from the SEGA platform were officially ported and placed in one application so that you can once again enjoy an unforgettable adventure. One universe, two parts of the classic JRPG and one sequel with a first-person view are available without emulators, with simple and adapted controls.

The first part of Shining Force: the Legacy of Great Intention takes place on the continent of Runes, where the main and youngest swordsman of the Royal army will fight with the Dragon together with his friends.

Shining Force II tells the story of the magic stones Of light and Darkness, whose balance has been disturbed. This time the war will acquire galactic scale, and our hero will get new friends and improved abilities.

The third part of Shining in the Darkness is made in a slightly different style. Instead of a typical design with a top view, we are waiting for a cool dungeon-bagel, which has a simple three-dimensional graphics and a first-person view. In it, we will wander through the dungeons and fight a bunch of monsters in non-stop mode.

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