AdVenture Ages: Idle Civilization

AdVenture Ages: Idle Civilization

Updated:February 21, 2021
Category : Simulation
OS Version: Android 5.0+

AdVenture Ages: Idle Civilization – a cute and at the same time completely boring “tap simulator” in which players will help restore the normal course of time and history. And it all started with the fact that one slow character managed to spill coffee on the time machine. Because of this, everything was reset to zero, and the main characters were forced to find themselves at the dawn of history. Having the skills and knowledge, they must now help humanity become the one who was able to build an amazing machine because of which this all happened. And until everything is fixed, the loop will not be straightened out, and our wards will remain in an alien dimension.

Time travel has become possible, but someone very inattentive spilled coffee on the time machine and now your character is stuck in the ancient world. To return to normal life and earn a new reputation, you will have to overcome many obstacles. Restore the timeline and put everything in order, travel to different civilizations, collect artifacts and resources that will help put the picture together. Gradually place peoples in the territories where they should have been historically, move up the career ladder and achieve success.

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