Catty Ratty

Catty Ratty

Category : Simulation
OS Version: Android 4.1+

Catty Ratty – this is an interesting and fun action game with a unique cartoon atmosphere. It’s no secret that the basement of every building is most likely inhabited by mice. In the same house, where you will visit, lives an incredibly smart mouse, but not one, but with the whole family. In order for everyone to have enough food, he needs to make frequent trips to the kitchen, with shelves filled to the top with food. The task is greatly complicated by a huge cat, but not an ordinary one, but an armed one, which guards the stocks of its owners day and night!

You will have to choose whose role to take in this confrontation. Choosing the role of the mouse, you will find yourself in its rather convenient burrow, which is located between the walls of the house and there are all the amenities. All the family members who are constantly in need of food live there. Before you go for the loot, you can take a satchel in the form of a bottle of soda or a magic broom for flight, which will give you a good advantage. If you prefer the role of a cat, then you need to protect all products at all costs. At your disposal will be a gun and several traps, with which you can effectively fight pests.

You can play together with your friends or with random players, where there may be several mice, while the cat protects everything alone. The house where all the actions will take place is beautifully recreated, there are several rooms on two floors, a basement and a garage. Secret passages and tunnels are distributed throughout the house, so you can literally feel like a real mouse!

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