Electric Trains

Electric Trains

Category : Simulation
OS Version: Android 4.1+
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Electric Trains – this is a dynamic and interactive train control simulator from an indie developer. The player can choose from two main modes: complete various missions or free ride, where you can also customize the level of difficulty, type of train, map and tasks. First, we recommend that you complete a training mission, where you will get an idea of the main functions of the interface, learn how to manage the train and transport the first passengers. In the future, you will have to travel on more complex routes, stop at stations, make a coupling of cars, engage in cargo transportation, and much more. The main thing is not to accelerate too much, so watch your speed, otherwise your train will derail, which will lead to a major disaster.

Each mission is completely unique, offering the player original situations, for example, you need to tow colliding trains from the accident site, arrive at the station before time runs out, test new models of equipment, etc. In the settings of the Electric Trains Android simulator, you can enable a more realistic simulation scheme, adjust the audio volume and graphics parameters, such as anti-aliasing, shadows, simplified shaders, and so on, to achieve maximum quality, or Vice versa, reduce it for a more comfortable game on weak devices. For its genre, this is a great game that will be appreciated by fans of mobile gaming.

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