Endless Colonies: Idle Space Explorer

Endless Colonies: Idle Space Explorer

Updated:February 21, 2021
Category : Simulation
OS Version: Android 4.4+

Endless Colonies: Idle Space Explorer – business simulator in the genre of clicker, in which you need to discover and colonize planets to save humanity from destruction and create a galactic Empire. Earth is threatened by a huge asteroid, bringing death to all living things. Become the Saviour of the earth’s civilization and launch the space exploration program. Build factories, hire workers, and fill warehouses with products. Invest your profits in business development and technology improvement. Build spaceships and send them in search of suitable planets for life. Get fabulous profits and become the greatest tycoon in the entire universe!

This is a “tap simulator” in which players need to do everything in their power to move away from this process. Automation and distribution of responsibilities between virtual subordinates will allow you to get rid of monotonous work and start really important actions on the way to the global goal of the project. Gamers must build a whole network of colonies that are self-sufficient and do not need help from Earth, ready to accept immigrants from the mother planet. At the same time, time is running out. So it is not necessary to linger for a long time on one achieved stage. It is necessary to constantly move forward, overcoming obstacles and difficulties.

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