Hype Simulator

Hype Simulator

Category : Simulation
OS Version: Android 5.0+

Hype Simulator – this is an unusual simulator of the sudden popularity of your account in social networks. This application allows you to feel like a famous star of the Internet space and get hundreds of comments and likes in a short period of time!

After installing the app and configuring all the parameters, you will have as much as 15 minutes of “glory”. During this time, you will receive a flurry of messages from your fans, hundreds of likes under your posts and thousands of new subscribers in a short time. Post new posts, videos, chat with your fans and find out what it’s like to be so popular. At the end of your time, everything will immediately disappear, but the process can always be repeated by going through all the tinctures again.

The developers guarantee the complete security of your personal data, the application does not collect any unnecessary information from your device and ensures the security of passwords. Also, the simulator is only a parody of a social network, and it is aimed at conveying to the user the idea that communication with subscribers and the content you produce is much more important than the number of likes and fans.

Features of the simulator:

  • Simple and intuitive interface;
  • Realistic simulation of subscriber activity;
  • The most likely appearance;
  • The ability to upload content and interact with fans.
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