Idle Dino Zoo

Idle Dino Zoo

Updated:May 4, 2021
Category : Simulation
OS Version: Android 4.1+

Idle Dino Zoo — a clicker with pixel graphics and the theme of the rebirth of dinosaurs on the planet. Players will head to a park on the island, where visitors will be able to observe prehistoric creatures in almost their natural environment. At the same time, the entertainment of the audience does not end there. You can bring out new species, sell them to get impressive amounts of money, develop a variety of aspects of the object, train “pets” and much more. There are also special tasks that should not be missed because of the excellent awards and consequences that can spoil the image of the entire institution.

Develop your dinopark from scratch in this bright and exciting clicker for Android devices. You can build your own thriving business Empire, and to do this, engage in the development of a dinosaur Park. First, you will have a very small area and only a couple of dinosaurs, but step by step you will be able to develop and embellish this place. Build fun rides, expand the territory, decorate it and invite the first visitors, provide them with first-class leisure and earn game currency.

Buy new types of dinosaurs, breed them, provide proper care, nutrition and cozy aviaries. Keep track of the birth rate and quality of life of dinosaurs, so that they can further delight visitors, as well as live in comfort. Invest your earnings in improving the territory, buy the rarest rides, equip your dinopark and earn the first millions. Simple game mechanics of the clicker, wide opportunities for the development of your dinopark, various types of dinosaurs and exciting gameplay.

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