Idle Tower Builder: construction tycoon manager

Idle Tower Builder: construction tycoon manager

Updated:November 22, 2020
Category : Simulation
OS Version: Android 4.0+

Idle Tower Builder: construction tycoon manager – collect or produce various resources to build the highest tower in the world. This is a popular browser game that has now appeared on the Android platform. To build the first floor, you need a stone, extract it, and then process it to get blocks. It is important to keep in mind that each new floor requires even more building materials, so increase the efficiency of your work processes. Then you will need a crane to lift the bricks up, it can be made from planks that you will create from wood at the sawmill. Remember, the forest may run out, so you need to periodically water it to restore felled trees.

Your builders will move materials using wheelbarrows, in the future, this work will be done by an elephant, but you should make sure that it always has food. Every element of construction can be improved, but it requires money investment. You will earn money from selling surplus resources, and you can also get them from tourists who want to see the highest tower. As the number of floors increases, more advanced construction methods open up, for example, you can use a helicopter, improve the laboratory, etc. One of the advantages of Idle Tower Builder is the presence of an auto-clicker, no pop-up ads, and the game works without the Internet.

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