Laptop Tycoon

Laptop Tycoon

Updated:October 19, 2020
Category : Simulation
OS Version: Android 5.1+
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Laptop Tycoon – compete with the giants in the technology industry by creating and manufacturing laptops. In this Android game, you are a young, ambitious businessman who decided to develop laptops to make something truly powerful and new that will Eclipse the glory of the giants of manufacturers. You have a small start-up capital and you hire a couple of employees, but before that, come up with a name for your company and start gradually developing. Do not be afraid to experiment, because sometimes only this allows you to create a different thing from the standards. Start the project of your first laptop by choosing the design and appearance, try different colors, keyboard size, screen resolution, width and height, and design your own branded processors, video cards and operating systems.

After you have decided on the design, give your employees a task to develop the gadget and put it up for sale, listening to customer reviews. The better the reviews, the more sales and you can always make changes based on the wishes of customers. As soon as you start making money from sales, expand your office by hiring new employees and you will be noticed by the giants of manufacturers, seeing you as a competitor and entering in the rating table. Playing Laptop Tycoon, prove to them that you are better and make top manufacturers nervous in impotent rage, because people stopped taking their product, completely switching to yours.

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