Last Fishing: Monster Clash Hook

Last Fishing: Monster Clash Hook

Category : Simulation
OS Version: Android 5.0+

Last Fishing: Monster Clash Hook – this is a sea fishing simulator, which is a prequel to the game “The Last Pirate”. Throw a hook with bait to catch a variety of fish, starting with a perch and ending with a huge shark. You will have to not only fish, but also gradually explore the island, craft bait and get bait. Crayfish, swamp leeches, dragonflies, plant parts, dough, peas and much more that can be found will help you catch a rare specimen. The flora and fauna of the tropical island is different in its diversity, experiment with baits and combine them to get a unique result.

Upgrade your available gear and gear, use not only a fishing rod, but also a gun, a bomb, a shovel and other things. All means are good when there is a great desire to catch the biggest fish on the coast. The advanced mechanics of the game Last Fishing is close to real fishing, you need to wait for the fish to bite, and then watch the tension of the line, releasing or pulling it, otherwise it will break and you will have to start over, and when the fish gets tired, it remains only to get the prey. Experience the joy of fishing on a hot island, where you will catch dozens of sea creatures.

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