Lethal Engagements:Romance you choose

Lethal Engagements:Romance you choose

Category : Simulation
OS Version: Android 5.0+
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Lethal Engagements:Romance you choose – this is an incredibly beautifully designed visual novel where you have to choose your own destiny and the love of your life. The main character, in the role of which you will be, leads a normal student life, however, in the life of every person at least once there are unexpected changes. One day, two strange guys move in next door, from which inexplicably and breathes danger, which you try not to pay attention to and for a while nothing ordinary happened.

The real turning point comes a little later, when you witness a gruesome murder. After that, you are haunted by the feeling that someone is watching you, and wants you dead. Things get even worse when you find out that your neighbors are real assassins. Find out why they moved here, whether they will protect you, or Vice versa, their goal is to remove you as a witness. Start casual conversations with them, get to know them better by choosing one of the answer options in the dialog. Each of your decisions can bring you closer to solving the mystery, or Vice versa, create new problems, and you can also get to know the characters so closely that you can start a romantic relationship!

the story of the novel has several branches and endings, all depending on your decisions. Dialogues with characters, of which there are a considerable number, are carefully thought out and differ greatly depending on the character traits of each character. The graphics are made in a beautiful, fantasy style, and a pleasant accompanying melody will help you concentrate.

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