My Foxy Girlfriend: Sexy Anime Dating Sim

My Foxy Girlfriend: Sexy Anime Dating Sim

Category : Simulation
OS Version: Android 5.0+

My Foxy Girlfriend: Sexy Anime Dating Sim – this is an incredibly beautiful and fascinating visual novel. In the story, you will find yourself in a village called Hatsushima. For many years, there was a legend about the noble and powerful Kitsune werewolves who protected the village all this time. However, after a huge corporation settled in the city and began to destroy the forest, they were left homeless. Help them in such a difficult moment and restore their former balance!

You will have to meet them in person, in a rather unexpected environment. There are only three of them, the first one is called Fuku, she is shy, but very brave, is friends with all the inhabitants of the forest and is very worried about them. The second werewolf named Tsukiko, she is more closed and firm, it is difficult for her to express her feelings, with which you have to help her. And the third girl is called Mayuka, her main feature is incredible spiritual and physical strength, and always puts the safety of others first than her own. Together with them, you will need to pass a lot of tests, get to know each other better and even start a romantic relationship.

Every decision you make affects the development of the storyline, only you can decide which of them should get closer to the most, and with whom it is worth staying in friendly relations. Choose one of several answers or actions in the dialogs, depending on what you want to achieve. Externally, the game is designed in a beautiful anime style, which helps to immerse yourself in this wonderful story!

Game Features:

  • Multiple story endings;
  • Beautiful exterior design in anime style;
  • Simple and intuitive interface;
  • Many charismatic and interesting characters.
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