Plague M.D.

Plague M.D.

Updated:February 19, 2021
Category : Simulation
OS Version: Android 4.3+

Plague M.D. – in this simulation game, you will play as a quack doctor who is stuck in a remote village of the XVI century. You arrive in a small medieval settlement with inhabitants unencumbered by intelligence and decide to settle here as a doctor. But since you only know folk remedies, and people are already eager to get to your appointment with their problems, at first we will use improvised methods, such as a blow to the head instead of anesthesia, or leeches that will suck bad blood from a bitter drunk. But gradually you begin to understand that onion tincture is not very suitable for treating colds and try to combine different herbs. After all, it is not necessary to cut off a festering finger, you can apply a compress that sucks out pus.

Gradually, your book is filled with recipes, and your head with knowledge, but the priest interferes, suggesting that the flesh is sinful and it is not necessary to treat it. Until he himself fell ill with the great depression, because there are fewer parishioners, but for him there is a tincture of St. John’s wort, which must be taken three times a day. In the Android game Plague M. D. you have a choice, accept or refuse the next visitor, your reputation as a village doctor depends on it, and now you advise the headman to destroy the entire wheat crop, as he is sick with fungus, or put half of the village in quarantine. Improve your skills, because the plague is already close and facing the horror of the black death, you become a real plague doctor. Download the game and start treating people.

How to install Plague M.D.

The directory to unpack the cache: /sdcard/Android/obb/

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