Space Inc

Space Inc

Category : Simulation
OS Version: Android 5.0+

Space Inc – here you will manage a high-tech spaceport of the future to make space travel a reality. Now you will have a chance to be in the future, when flying around the Solar system is becoming commonplace and anyone can afford a trip on a spaceship. Take advantage of this by opening your own spaceport and send crowds of passengers to the stars. As is usually the case, at first your company will be very modest in scale, but gradually you will expand it with the money you earn.

Manage check-in locations, take your customers directly to the rockets, and launch ships off the Ground. Each time you receive game money, which you will spend on upgrading the elements of the spaceport to provide faster service. Do not forget about hiring employees to automate routine operations, then you will not only free up time, but also be able to earn even more money. Otherwise, Space Inc is another idle space-themed game with simple gameplay.

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