Squirrel Simulator 2 : Online

Squirrel Simulator 2 : Online

Category : Simulation
OS Version: Android 4.4+

Squirrel Simulator 2 : Online – squirrel simulator, explore a corner of the forest playing as a rodent and even fight in the arena online. Run through the trees, find nuts, mushrooms and berries, and equip your nest, making it large and cozy, so that in the future you can bring a partner there and start a family. After all, against a few squirrels, it will be difficult for other predators, and there are also enough of them in your forest. Get kids and take care of them, so that when they grow up together to fight off enemies. Change the characters, as each squirrel has its own skills, someone jumps higher than everyone else, others run faster, and some have great strength, killing the enemy with a single blow. Save up resources to buy a new hollow tree and increase your family even more. And in each new hollow you will find a trophy that you can earn by completing a small quest. Gifts are very diverse, such as a treasure chest will make all in-game purchases cheaper, the heart of immortality will strengthen your family, the crown will open access to the super squirrel and much more. When you get tired of exploring the area, you can enter the arena and fight with other squirrels. Power-ups are scattered around, such as an ice ball that freezes the enemy, a fireball that deals huge damage, and others. Try the life of a squirrel, while having a fun time.

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