Summertime Saga

Summertime Saga

Category : Simulation
OS Version: Android 4.1+

Summertime Saga (18+) – a piquant visual novel. A beautiful relationship simulation game with an improved storyline for young guys over the age of 18.

The game introduces you to the story of a teenager who lost his father. In his youth, the main character had to face many adult problems. The father, with whom the boy lived in a small town, dies in an accident. A friend of the father took the boy to his house. The late father left a lot of debts, which now the high school boy will have to pay back to a famous street gangster.

Living together with his stepmother and stepsister, the boy has to constantly face different problems and make the right choice to solve them and realize his dream – to finish college and go to university.

The main goals of the player are to find the one who is responsible for the death of his father, to solve the financial problems of his house in various ways.

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