The Spellbinding Kiss: Romance Otome Game

The Spellbinding Kiss: Romance Otome Game

Updated:April 7, 2020
Category : Simulation
OS Version: Android 4.1+
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The Spellbinding Kiss: Romance Otome Game — visual novel for Android devices. In this Otome-game you have to play for the charming main character, who works in the pharmacy of his father after his unexpected death. The girl tries to unwind a little and decides to go to the festival, but due to the bad weather decides to head back home. Not having time to close the pharmacy, she found on the threshold of a bloodied, wounded young man and hurries to help him. Suddenly his wounds heal themselves, and on the threshold of emerges a man, which reports, that have young girl there is magic uncanny ability.

Girl is beginning to step for step develop their the magical ability to, in than it skillfully help three young human. One of them is much older and clever, the other is open and cheerful, and the third is secretive and with a rather complex character, which of them will you choose? Communicate with charismatic characters, enjoy the detailed plot and freedom of choice. Remember, every decision you make affects the development of the story and its ending.

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